MJPEG Camera Module

A Camera Module with immediate JPEG or motion JPEG output, typical 5V.

  • VGA
  • UART, TTL serial,
  • TX, RX, RES, GND, 5V/3.3V header
  • Standard Lens 56, 76 and 116 degree and custom available

AF Camera Module

Typical camera modules completed with Auto-Focus VCM.

A Wide View Angle Lens Camera Module with ZIP connector

A typical camera module with ZIP connector mounted on hard PCB for non-miniature application always come with the latest available, such as large view angle, lens in the market.

Typical Camera Module with ZIF FPC

A typical camera module with simple RGB/YUV output with resolutions from, VGA to 24M pixels completed with different fixed view angles lens.

Typical USB Camera Module with LED flash Light

A typical USB interface camera module with optional LED flash light suitable for note book or flat panel application.


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